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How It Works

1 See something in our streets?

Car in bike lane

Scooter tipped over

Near miss

When you see driver behavior making our streets unsafe or a shared scooter/bike issue, you can make a difference and report it with the OurStreets app

2 Here’s how to report an issue.

Take a picture

Enter additional information

Submit your report

OurStreets uses automatic license plate recognition and QR code scanning for easy entry but sometimes we need more!

3 We’ll take care of the rest.

OurStreets will send your report directly to relevant stakeholders, making sure appropriate action is taken. Some submissions, like shared microbolity issues (scooters blocking sidewalks) do result in direct action.

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About Us

OurStreets is a mobile application that uses crowdsourcing to report and analyze dangerous driving behavior and shared micromobility issues. We work directly with advocacy organizations, municipal stakeholders and transportation departments, and shared micromobility operators--providing a dynamic framework to amplify people power for safer streets.

Bringing OurStreets to your streets.

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